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Updates to Debt Interest,End of Debt Date,True Purchase Cost,Vehicle Lease Utilization, and Data Cap Fees (Mobile/Internet) tools.


General look and feel updates to all tools.


In addition to a new look - Lottery Chances can now simulate 100000 tickets.


Sleek new buttons across the tools.


Cleaner look and feel across the tools.


Loan Comparison logic updated for finish date comparison.


Savings Goal now highlights current date in detail.
Cleaner look for the Credit Utilization tool.


Loan Comparison tool now quickly shows which loan option is better for Interest, number of payments, duration and finish date.
Simplified financial analysis for the Loan Schedule tool.


Simplified financial analysis for the End of Debt Date tool.


Added Cumulative Top prize to Lottery Chances
Added 1-40 year view by default to Payment / Payoff Strategies
Cosmetic updates to the Vehicle Lease Utilization and Data Cap Fees (Mobile/Internet) tools.


Added total payments to analysis view for the End of Debt Date tool.


Explore End of Debt Date with 3 additional instant payment approaches (pay higher interest, pay higher balance, pay lowest balance)


Explore Payment / Payoff Strategies up to 30 years / 360 months instantly or any time frame of your chosing.


Now compare up to 3 options with the Unit Price Comparison tool.


New summary category, additional assets (Real Estate, Investments, Personal Property) and liabilities (Mortgages, Vehicle Loans, Student Loans) for the Net Worth tool.


Added a brief purpose to each of our tools. Update to our Simple Reminders.


Loan Analysis (Amortization),Vehicle Lease Utilization,Data Cap Fees (Mobile/Internet),End of Debt Date tools updated to work in current and future year scenarios. Lottery Chances analysis includes top prize and cumulative stats per game.


Savings Goal,Vehicle Lease Utilization,Data Cap Fees (Mobile/Internet), Payment / Payoff Strategies, End of Debt Date tools get an updated look.


Lottery Chances can simulate up to 50,000 tickets, gets another game, shows matches, game details and odds for grand prize.


Look and feel improved across all tools and Lottery Chances gets a visual upgrade.


Improvements when adding and removing debts for Credit Utilization and Debt Interest tools. Updated user interface for Vehicle Lease Utilization and Data Cap Fees (Mobile/Internet) tools. Updated example for Savings Goal.


Updates to the Debt Interest Tool.


Updates to the End of Debt Date and Loan Analysis (Amortization) Tools.


Updates to the Debt Interest Tool.


Updates to the End of Debt Date and Balance Transfer Offer Validation Tools.


Small screen improvements across the tools.


Visual updates to Loan Comparison, Data Cap Fees (Mobile/Internet), Payment / Payoff Strategies, Vehicle Lease Utilization, Balance Transfer Offer Validation, Net Worth, and Savings Goal tools.


Updated example for Savings Goal tool.


Calculation updates for the Data Cap Fees (Mobile/Internet) tool.


Mobile and Cosmetic updates for Debt Interest tool.


Lottery Chances now simulates with a game change. Cosmetic updates for Credit Utilization tool.


Large screen and example updates for Savings Goal, Vehicle Lease Utilization, Lottery Chances, Unit Price Comparison, Net Worth, Balance Transfer Offer Validation and Loan Comparison tools.


Date related updates for Data Cap Fees (Mobile/Internet), Savings Goal, Loan Analysis (Amortization), End of Debt Date, and Loan Comparison tools.


Better handling of last day of contract for Data Cap Fees (Mobile/Internet) tool.


Readablity updates (text color related to background color) for Vehicle Lease Utilization, Data Cap Fees (Mobile/Internet), Unit Price Comparison, End of Debt Date, Balance Transfer Offer Validation, Lottery Chances, Credit Utilization, Net Worth tools.


Updates to Vehicle Lease Utilization, Data Cap Fees (Mobile/Internet), True Purchase Cost, and Unit Price Comparison tools.


New look and mobile/small screen experience for all tools.


New Look and Mobile experience for Unit Price Comparison, Loan Comparison and Savings Goal Tools


New Look and Mobile experience for Loan Analysis, Payment & Payoff and True Purchase Cost Tools


Interest Calculator and Credit Utilization Tool now default negative input values to zero.


Data utilization Calculator is more agressive when you are trending above your data limit. Updated example for Savings Goal Calculator


Data utilization Calculator gets an updated example and improved calculations


Payment and payoff tools are simplified and now one tool Payment and Payoff Calculator Strategies


Better fit on small screens implemented across all tools.Loan Analysis (Payment / Amortization Schedule) and End of Debt have an analysis button for more information.


User input simplification for Interest Calculator,End of Debt,Credit Utilization tools.


Simplification to Spendable Lesson, Net Worth, Price Comparison, Compare Loan Options,Payment Calculator,Balance Transfer Savings,Savings Goal Calculator,Payoff Strategies,Interest Calculator,End of Debt,Lottery Lesson tools.


Simplification to Credit Utilization, Data Utilization, Lease Utilization, Loan Analysis (Payment / Amortization Schedule) tools.


Refreshed look and feel for all tools - minor updates to End of Debt, Lease Utilization, Loan Analysis (Payment / Amortization Schedule) and Loan Option tools.


Simplifying changes to the look and feel for our End of Debt,Interest Calc, Lease Utilization, Data Utilization , Net Worth , Price Comparison , Savings Goal and Payment Calculator tools.


Simplifying changes to the look and feel for our Balance Transfer Offer tool.


Simplifying changes to the look and feel for a few our tools Loan Analysis, Lottery Lesson Tool, Credit Utilization, Distilled Dollar Retirement Calculator, Payoff Calculator,Spendable Lesson,Loan Comparison Tool


Updating tools with a new look Loan Analysis and Interest Analysis get the first treatment.


Introducing the Data Utilization Calculator perfect if you have Mobile and/or Internet Data Caps or limits. See where you stand or if additional fees are on the way.


Updated example for our Savings Calculator and simplified results for our Loan Analysis and End of Debt tools.


A little experiment with speech output for results and help......Turn up your volume, hang on to your seat and click Experiment Feel free to leave... Feedback and Explore our Tools!


Our tools are more responsive, they should be more size appropriate and readable across all screens and sizes. Explore our Tools!


0% interest rate allowed as input for Payoff Calculator Explore our Tools!


Easier to See buttons across the tools - Explore our Tools!


Credit Utilization tool gets a simplified look.Explore More Tools!


Lease Utilization,Savings Goal, Balance Transfer, Payment, Payoff tools get updated examples and improved results.Explore More Tools!


Lottery Lesson Tool gets updated for the new Mega Millions format with simplified results for non-winning tickets.Explore More Tools!


Loan Analysis Tool with Amortization gets simplified look with embedded help. Payment Strategy Tool has more focused options to simulate keeping (Extra Amount Per Month, % More Per Month, and New Interest Rate %).Loan Comparison Tool removes average and maximum interest per month. Explore More Tools!


Lottery Lesson adds a new game (French Loto) to simulate in addition to MegaMillions, PowerBall, PowerPlay, EuroMillions, EuroJackpot.Explore More Tools!


Net Worth Tool now allows you to save and restore your specific details to your local browser (Property Value, Property Loans, Short Term Savings, Other Loans, Long Term Savings, and Credit Card Debt). Explore More Tools!


Loan.alyzer Lease Utilization tool now allows you to save and restore your specific details of your lease to your local browser (Start Date, Term, Amount Driven, Contracted Amount, Overgae Penalty, Units). Explore More Tools!


You can now sum two values at a time in the Loan.alyzer Net Worth Calculator allowing you to talley multiple properties, savings, loans, or debts.Explore More Tools!


Not a Trick but a Treat - Based on an article from Distilled Dollar making deferred spending feel tangible today we bring you the Distilled Dollar Retirement Calculator, which provides a look into how your savings today can contribute/prepare you for your retirement. Explore More Tools!


Better readability and simplified Analysis for the Payment Calculator, End of Debt Calculator, and Payment Strategy Tool. Explore More Tools!


Automobile Lease Age Calculator - is now the Automobile Lease Utilization Calculator - adds lease utilization percentage and daily driving allowance to the summary. Explore More Tools!


Automobile Lease Age Calculator - adds days remaining in lease to the summary. Explore More Tools!


The Net Worth Tool - adds a savings to debt ratio and a short term to long term savings ratio. Explore More Tools!


The Lottery Lesson - adds a win or loss per ticket in the summary. Explore More Tools!


Savings Goal Calculator adds number of payments and days remaining for your goal to the analysis. Explore More Tools!


Simplified Financial Analysis for the Payment Calculator, and a color coded rating for Credit Utilization, Explore More Tools!


Duration in Years and Months added to The Loan Analysis tool with Amortization Schedule, End of Debt Calculator, and 2 Loan Analysis Tool,Explore More Tools!


Simplified the interface and Combined the Balance Transfer Fee and Balance Transfer Savings Tool into one,Explore More Tools!


Improved Look and Function for the Net Worth,Payment, End of Debt, Payment Strategy Tool, Loan Payment and Comparison Tool, Loan Analysis with Amortization, Balance Transfer Fee,Credit Utilization,and Interest Calculation Tools, Explore More!


Net Worth Calculator with a twist -In addition to a traditional Net Worth Calculator, introduces a Debt Worth Calculation (which is the difference between your active loans/debt you are paying and your total savings). Explore Our Tools


Lease Age and Spendable Lesson Tools now have more readable results. Explore Our Tools


Payment Calculator, Balance Transfer Fee, and Savings Goal Tools get a refreshed look - Explore Our Tools


Price Comparison Tool gets a refreshed look - Explore Our Tools


A better mobile / tablet / phone experience - numeric keyboard is now available for inputs across our tools. 10,000 Tickets can now be simulated in The Lottery Lesson - Explore Our Tools


The Spendable Lesson Tool now shows how much you had to earn and the number of hours you had to work to make that purchase. Explore Our Tools


The Savings Goal Calculator prevents incorrect input for more accurate results. Explore Our Tools


Calculations are now fully automatic, as a result the calculate button has been removed from our tools. Explore Our Tools


Less clicks for a better experience across the Savings Goal Calculator, Payoff Calculator, End of Debt Calculator, Payment Strategy Tools, Payment Calculator, Unit Price Comparison Tool, Loan Payment and Comparison Tool, The Loan Analysis tool with Amortization Schedule - Explore more of Our Tools


Our Multi-Loan Analysis Tool now updates with date changes, Savings Goal gets a new example, Payoff Calculator updates results if switching between Month and Year, and Lease Age Tool gets an improved summary and error checking. Explore more of Our Tools


Our Multi-Loan Analysis, Credit Utilization, Interest Calculator, and End of Debt Tools now calculate results with fewer clicks. Explore Our Tools


Our Balance Transfer Savings, Multi-Loan Analysis, Credit Utilization, Interest Calculator, and End of Debt Tools now provide examples with multiple loans and debt. Our Savings Goal Calculator gets a new example. Explore Our Tools


The EuroJackpot has been added as a game option in The Lottery Lesson. Explore Our Tools


Winning tickets are now easier to see in The Lottery Lesson, Your custom payoff duration is first in line for the Payoff Calculator, and the Loan Payment and Comparison tool now checks that you have a payment greater than your monthly interest. Explore Our Tools


More intelligent user interface - less clicks to get your results for the Loan Analysis with Amortization Schedule, Loan Payment and Comparison, Savings Goal Calculator, Price Comparison, Payment Calculator, Lease Age, Payoff, Balance Transfer Fee, Earned to Purchase, and Payment Strategy Tools. Explore Our Tools


We have updated our site and tools for 2014 Happy New Year! Explore Our Tools

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